Project EXCELL

EXtending College Education for Lifelong Learning


Providing a college-like experience to developmentally delayed adults.

EXCELL class in session Willie Wildcat visits EXCELL EXCELL students enjoying a break


Download the New Student Information Packet.

Dates for EXCELL Fall 2016. Session 1: September10, 17, 24, Oct. 1 and Oct. 8   Download the class registration soon


***Special information About Drop Off and Meeting Area***
With all the construction going on around the Union, be aware of a few changes for Fall, 2016:

Please drop off and pick students off on the East side of the Union.  17th Street and the horseshoe at the entrance of the Student Union are blocked due to construction. The simplest route and the entrance that will be the most convenient to students, is to use Mid-Campus drive, which is the first street to the East of 17th street.  This is the street entrance to the EAST side of the parking garage.  Although this is a dead end street, there is a “turnaround” providing: 1) easy access to return to Anderson Street by way of Manhattan Ave., and 2) it an immediate entrance into the Union that will allow student to walk into the Union on the side where we will meet.

The Food Court is closed on the 1st floor where EXCELL usually has met. We will convene on the second floor near the usual classroom locations.. Watch for volunteers to direct students to the gathering area.

Project Mission:

To organize and omplement supplemental transition and enrichment services for:
*Area high school developmentally delayed students 18 and older.
* Former students over age 18 who have dropped out of school and who cannot find employment.
* Adults attending sponsoring facilities for developmentally delayed adults.

Program Objectives:

* Engagement
* Social Involvement
* Health and Wellness
* Job Skills
* Provide a college campus experience for EXCELL students

EXCELL is an exercise in collaboration!

Three school districts, UFM, Vocational Rehabilitation and Kansas State University work together on this project.
K-State students volunteer as class assistants and mentors each semester.
Transportation is provided by sponsoring agencies, family members or volunteers.
The K-State Student Union provides the facilities and issues a specially designed K-State ID card.
Class instructors are recruited from special education faculty in area school districts or local volunteers.

The Class Program

EXCELL is divided into two, five-week sessions, with classes being held on Saturday mornings. Each student can take two courses per session, and instructors from K-State and from the community who have special education training are hired as instructors. Classes include topics such as “Moving to Music,” “Job Skills,” “American Sign Language,”  “Exercise, Walking, and Fitness for Life,” “Drama”, “Counting Money” and “Money Management.”

Classes are generally held from 9:00 – 11:30 am in the K-State Student Union. In the past, students have paid about $10 per class.

Download the New Student Information Packet.

K-State Student Mentor Ambassadors

Traditional college students, interested in learning more about the field of special education as well as other majors,  serve as Student Ambassadors in the program.  Around thirty traditional K-State students volunteer each semester. These Student Ambassadors provide assistance in mobility and finding classrooms, assist with lesson plans and interact with EXCELL students during break times. This enhances social and leisure skills while making new friendships that could last a lifetime. Additionally, community members serve as EXCELL Program Instructors, teaching classes on a part-time basis.

Donations are Welcome!

EXCELL needs your donation to keep this program alive.Send your contribution to UFM Community Learning Center, 1221 Thurston St, Manhattan, KS 66502. Your donation is tax deductible.

Project EXCELL is funded through student fees, community grants and private donations. Current supporters include: The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, Caterpillar, Inc., Littel Apple Pilot Club, The Unitatian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan, KS, and private donations.

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