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Quotas for personal pages

How is the quota calculated?

A daily tally for each user is kept consisting of the sum of two numbers:

  • the number of times any of your pages is requested times 500.
  • the total number of bytes transmitted by the web server on your behalf.

The tally can be thought of as the number of bytes transmitted. The page-request overhead is approximately 500 bytes.

If the tally exceeds 20,000,000 in a given day, access to that user's pages is disabled.

The tally will be reset to zero between midnight and 8:00 a.m., and access to all pages will be enabled for the next day. For more details, see examples of quota calculations.

Are unused resources carried over from day to day?

No, each day is treated independently.

How can I determine how much I'm publishing?

Computing and Telecommunications Services will build an interface to provide this information.

What happens if I exceed the limit?

People attempting to access your page after it has been disabled will receive a page that describes the situation and tells them to try again later.

How can I use the resources efficiently?

Pictures and other graphics are the largest consumers of resources. The most effective change you can make is to reduce the size and number of graphic elements used on your page(s).

Can I have my quota raised?

No. However, there are two alternatives. If you are publishing on behalf of K-State rather than yourself, you can use the www.k-state.edu server, which has no quotas. Second, you can purchase web publishing services from any of hundreds of commercial providers. Yahoo maintains an extensive directory of web presence providers on their Web Site Hosting in the Yahoo! Directory page.

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