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Teaching & Learning Center
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Related Resources

Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars (UDTS)

The Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars was created in 1995 to underscore Kansas State University's commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching and learning. A faculty member acknowledged as a leading teaching scholar is appointed to the chair for one academic year. All who are selected to hold the chair retain the title of University Distinguished Teaching Scholar throughout their careers. Questions about the nomination process should be directed to the Office of the Provost, 785-532-6224.

The Distance Learning Video Gallery 

The K-State Distance Learning Video Gallery was developed by Dr. Roger McHaney, 2006-07 Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars.  Dr. McHaney believe that  ongoing programs and practices to promote excellence in distance education have been excellent but many faculty members, particularly those who are new to distance teaching, may be time constrained and unable to participate fully. To counter this situation, he committed to a year-long project of collecting successful distance learning practices used at K-State and then applied his findings to our own institutional meta-learning process. Part of the project included the development of teaching resources for those engaged in distance teaching. The developed material is available on K-State Online for viewing by faculty and is also available in DVD form for those without connectivity. The DVDs are available through the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning. In general, the material demonstrates distance teaching methods and provides insight through discussions with distance instructors and other experts. Faculty participants were selected from across the K-State campus with the help of the Division of Continuing Education. 

The Tilford Group

The Tilford Group is a research and development group consisting of interdisciplinary faculty, administrators, and students who are developing a multicultural curriculum model to facilitate the total student experience.  Since 2006 the Office of the Provost, with financial support from all academic deans, have funded Tilford Incentive Grants for tenured and tenure-track faculty and instructors.  The goal is to encourage the infusion and assessment of the Tilford multicultural competencies within the educational experiences of K-State students.  The grants support projects ranging from those in incubation stages to those with ideas, materials, and analyses ready to be shared with the academic community. Also each year a group of students are selected to serve as diversity ambassadors and work with the Tilford Group to promote multicultural competencies development.  The scholars receive a $1,500 stipend for a semester's commitment.