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Course Ratings



The IDEA System

The IDEA System is administered at K-State through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.  However, arrangements to use IDEA are usually made through your department.

IDEA student ratings provide an indicator of students' impressions of your effectiveness in teaching a given class. The system is based on the concept that certain teaching techniques influence certain student learning outcomes. The IDEA Student Rating System and Reports are used by colleges and universities nation-wide, and your results are compared to a national database.

The IDEA System offers two survey forms. The Diagnostic Form has 47 items. The Diagnostic Report helps you to interpret your students' input to better guide your efforts to enhance your teaching effectiveness, so the Diagnostic Form is the better choice when you want help to devise strategies to improve your teaching. If you intend to use the student ratings only for administrative purposes, then the 18-item Short Form might be more appropriate. Be sure to review the actual survey forms and reports in the links below.

IDEA Reports are confidential.

POD-IDEA Notes: Instruction

Provided by The IDEA Center, these papers are intended to help you develop strategies to improve the twenty different teaching methods that are rated by students in the IDEA System.

POD-IDEA Notes: Learning

Provided by The IDEA Center, these notes are a resource to help you consider ways to improve student achievement of the twelve learning objectives or student learning outcomes that are central to the IDEA System.

Directions for Using IDEA PDF
Using Additional Questions PDF

An option that helps you to tailor the system to your course

Using Additional Questions for Online Courses PDF

Offers suggestions relevant to online learning environments.

Faculty Information Form (FIF) PDF

Must be completed by instructor before the student survey forms can be processed.

Diagnostic Form - Student Survey PDF

The 47-item survey form.

Diagnostic Form - Sample Report PDF
Short Form - Student Survey PDF

The 18-item survey form.

Short Form - Sample Report PDF
Group Summary Reports: PDF

An example of a summary report that can be generated for an entire department, based on data from the faculty members' IDEA Reports. [Arrangements for this option must be made through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.]

The TEVAL System

TEVAL is available in both a paper version and an electronic version, and the procedures for using TEVAL are different, depending upon which version you elect to use.  The one-page core TEVAL Report is the same for both versions.

The TEVAL Student Rating System and Reports at Kansas State University are unique to our university and are intended to provide an indicator of students' impressions of your effectiveness in teaching a given class. It may also provide some clues as to your students' views of specific teaching practices.

To facilitate a more accurate interpretation of the results, the TEVAL Report also summarizes some information that you may have provided about your students and your teaching context when you complete the TEVAL Faculty Information Form.

TEVAL Reports are confidential.

Sample TEVAL Report PDF

An example of the TEVAL Report format ... if you used the paper version. When additional questions are used, a second sheet of item averages and frequency distributions is generated. Student narrative comments are returned on the paper survey forms.

A report for the electronic version will be exactly the same for the first page. However, the report for the electronic version will include much more complete information when additional questions are used, and student narrative comments also will be printed in the report pages.

TEVAL Guide: Interpreting Your Report PDF

This guide is distributed with TEVAL Reports (using the paper version) in the spring and fall semesters.  Includes information on how to interpret your TEVAL Report.

The Paper Version of TEVAL

Departmental Procedures PDF

The coordination and administration of TEVAL student ratings is the responsibility of each department. Following these guidelines will facilitate timely processing of TEVAL Reports.

Student Survey Form PDF

The 14-item survey form.

Faculty Information Form (FIF) PDF

Must be completed by instructor before the student survey forms can be processed.

Faculty Information Form (FIF) Instructions PDF

These instructions should be provided to every course instructor using TEVAL. The department may want to have several copies on file. You may make copies, or call the Center (2-7828) and we will provide them.

Administering TEVAL Student Ratings PDF

These recommendations may be adapted to best suit administration procedures agreed upon by department faculty.

The Electronic Version - Online TEVAL

Online Tutorial      (PDF to print)

This tutorial is available to the public and will introduce you to the Online TEVAL. Using the tutorial may help you decide whether to use the electronic version or the paper version.

Online TEVAL Procedures

When using the electronic version, the individual faculty member is fully and solely responsible for creating the Online TEVAL.

Online TEVALs can be created during most of each semester.  The specific beginning and ending dates for the current semester are noted beside the Create New TEVAL button at the top of your TEVAL List, after you have signed in to the TEVAL System.

To use Online TEVAL, you must have Instructor status in K-State Online, you must be listed as a Primary Instructor for the course in K-State Online, and you must have the course roster set up in K-State Online. If you need help with K-State Online, call the Help Desk (532-7722). Otherwise, just go to http://teval.ksu.edu to access the Online TEVAL.

Additional Templates

With the Online TEVAL we offer the option of establishing a set of departmental items as a template that can be easily selected by each faculty member when creating the Online TEVAL for a particular class. Additional templates may also be created for a college or for a unique group, such as those teaching through the Division of Continuing Education.

Guidelines for Developing Department-Specific Templates