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Teaching & Learning Center

University-Wide Teaching Award's


College of Education

Michael C. Holen Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

Commerce Bank & W.T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Award

Link to more information for both awards is here: https://coe.ksu.edu/faculty-staff/awards.html


College of Arts and Sciences

Stamey Award for Undergraduate Teaching

Stamey Award for Undergraduate Advising

Stamey Award for Graduate Teaching Award

Gaches  Lifetime Teaching Award

Gaches Undergraduate Teaching Award

Link to more information for awards is here: https://artsci.k-state.edu/about/awards/facultyawards.html

The Award nominations are due the last Friday in September each year.


Graduate School

GSC Award

MAGS Award

The Graduate Student Council offers the GSC Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence, which is a university-wide award. The award is presented to one master’s and one doctoral student.  Each of these award winners then serve as K-State’s nominees for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Excellence in Teaching Award.

Link to more information for awards is here: https://www.k-state.edu/grad/students/awards/gsc-teaching.html


College of Architecture

Commencement Speakers

Distinguished Service Award

Victor L. Regnier Chair in Architecture

Victor L. Regnier Distinguished Visiting Professorship


College of  Poloytechnic

McArthur Teaching Award

MarchBanks Teaching Award

McCune & Middlefauff Faculty Fellowship