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Teachers Thriving Remotely

 To view a YouTube playlist that includes all of the videos below, click here

1. Don Saucier  “Don is still kicking, cooking, and teaching, but NOT testing”
2. Tamara Bauer "Student Tips for Using Zoom"
3. Kelly Briggs "Don't Panic! More Ways to Have Fun Zoom Teaching"
4. David Wood "Cutting some slack, creating the sense of grace, allowing some extra time"
5. Linda Yarrow "Combination of distance and face-to-face classes"
6. Mike Finnegan "Switching up office locations and message board to dinner conversations"
7. Daniel Kuester "Students applying their learning to the current situation remotely"
8. Anne Longmuir "The right note of humanity and practical advice"
9. Tucker Jones "Focused on what I can control, that is type of better learning experience for my students"
10. Stuart Miller "Discussion board assignment, setting the norms, getting students to engage"
11. Olivia Law-DelRosso "How not using zoom is helping my class engage and learn about diversity & inclusion topics"