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TLC Highlighted Teacher of the Month

September: Mariya Vaughan                                                                                                                                                                  



My name is Mariya Vaughan, and I am the assistant director of K-State First. K-State has been my home since 2004, when I began my bachelor's degree in graphic design, and then went on to earn my master's degree in English and women's studies. working as a GTA, I unexpectedly found a love and passion for teaching that has shaped my career ever since. I began working for K-State First in 2014, where I manage the program’s daily operations, coordinate GPS mentoring, lead communications, marketing, and recruitment efforts, and work closely with students as a teacher, mentor, and advisor. I teach the Fiction into Film First-Year Seminar and the Muggle Studies: How Harry Potter Shaped the World CAT Community and leverage my own and my students’ love of all things nerdy to foster an engaging and collaborative learning environment. (Click HERE to learn more about Mariya)