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Teaching & Learning Center

Peer Review of Teaching Program


Who can participate?

Given the limited resources of PRTP, participation is limited to twelve faculty and six faculty mentors per year, chosen from those who apply by the deadline. If interested, please send your application to Jennifer Anthony at anthonyj@ksu.edu by following these how-to-apply guidelines. Fall 2018 Application Deadline: October 15 by 5pm.

What financial support is provided to program members?

Faculty fellows who complete a Baseline Course Portfolio each receive a $1000 stipend for time devoted to program activities. Stipends are disbursed as professional development accounts to each fellow.

So what exactly do I have to do?

Each faculty fellow is paired with a peer and a mentor to undertake a year-long process of inquiry that supports the development of productive pedagogical strategies and assessment practices. The process begins with a fall syllabus workshop (November 10, 2018) and continues in spring when fellows undertake three course visits to their peer's classrooms and also participate in one-hour monthly meetings on best practices in teaching and learning. At the conclusion of the spring semester, faculty combine the written reflections they produced over the course of the year (including course observation memos, class assignments, and assessment memos) into a reflective course portfolio.

Upon completion of the course portfolio, each participant receives a $1000.00 fellowship in faculty development funds.

What type of time commitment am I making?

Previous peer review participants have suggested the following time estimates for the Baseline Course Portfolio:

  • Interaction #1 (Syllabus Workshop and Memos, 5 hours)
  • Interaction #2 (Course Observations and Memos, 12-15 hours)
  • Interaction #3 (Student Learning Assessment and Memos, 6 hours)
  • Portfolio (Data collation and reflective essay, 8 hours)
  • Peer Review of Teaching Program spring meetings (one-hour monthly meetings, 4 hours)

Who can I contact for more information?

Dr. Jennifer Anthony
Coordinator, Peer Review of Teaching Program
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
1018 Durland Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
e-mail: anthonyj@ksu.edu