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Peer Review of Teaching Program

The Objective of the Peer Review of Teaching Program is to help faculty members develop and document their teaching. PRTP is designed to support faculty in the development of a community of scholars who write about the intellectual work involved in their teaching and who share that writing with interested colleagues. Download the PRTP 2019-2020 Brochure to learn more!

The Peer Review of Teaching Program has been in existence at Kansas State University since 1999. This program has been a part of a larger project that originated at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and was funded jointly by the PEW foundation and the Provost’s Office. PEW Foundation funding for the project ended in 2004. Because the program has been so beneficial to participants and the University in so many ways, a decision was made to continue it through funding from the Provost’s Office.

Peer Review of Teaching Program Coordinator:

Dr. Jennifer Anthony
Interim Department Head &
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
1018 Durland Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
e-mail: anthonyj@ksu.edu
Fall semester activities include participating in a required project orientation on the morning of November 9, 2019 and collaborating with a faculty peer and mentor to review and revise course syllabi. Spring semester activities include monthly meetings with peers and mentors, class observation and memo exchanges, and completing a course portfolio, due on May 31, 2020. Following completion and approval of the course portfolio, each participant will receive $1,000.00 in faculty development funds.

At the conclusion of the program, fellows collate their observation memos, course assignments, student work examples, and assessment data, and write a reflective essay. The subsequent document, a Baseline Course Portfolio, is an inquiry into the success of a course in helping students to learn as well as a document of the shared, collaborative experience that is the Peer Review of Teaching Program.

  Peer Review mtg photo  Peer Review mtg photo