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Teaching & Learning Center

New Faculty Resources

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Workshops and training events, proposal writing, budget preparation, proposal submissions, and more.

Teaching & Learning Center-Teaching and Learning Resources
Integrating writing for student learning, ELATEwiki, distance learning video gallery, statements for your course syllabi, and external teaching resources.

Library Catalog

EDCI Principles of College Teaching: Teaching Links and Online Teaching Tools

Workshop Videos

Workshop videos of past teaching retreat

Counseling Services
Warning signs of student distress, at-risk training, and consultation.

Resources for Minority Faculty and Staff
Office of Affirmative Action, Diversity and Dual Career Development, immigration information, and more.

K-State Catalog
The K-State Undergraduate Catalog has an exhaustive list of resources for new students and new faculty. The catalog includes the following resources: faculty directory, support services, childcare, information technology assistance and libraries, policies and regulations, and much more!