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New Faculty Institute Past Participants


What faculty are saying about New Faculty Institute:

"I really have enjoyed the sessions - the speakers were very knowledgeable!"

"Department heads should strongly encourage new faculty to attend the NFI."

"I appreciate both the effort and the investment that K-State made in assisting new faculty members through the creation of the New Faculty Institute."

"I feel this opportunity assisted my first-year growth as a new faculty member ... providing a clear picture of my role and responsibility as faculty."

"Meeting colleagues (new faculty and panelists) helped me feel more comfortable as a new faculty member."

"I personally enjoyed the panel discussions."

"I found the material to be quite useful in the classroom and in my own professional development."

"Introduced us to various people around the university, which may be valuable to us at some point."

"I like the idea of meeting for a couple of hours each month, rather than taking a bigger chunk of time all at once."

"Being new to the teaching profession, everything was helpful to me!"


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