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Invested Faculty 

History of Invested Faculty

At Kansas State University, faculty with 20-30 years’ experience, either totally at K-State or including years spent at other colleges and universities prior to joining the K-State faculty, comprise a large percentage of our teaching faculty.  This group has very different professional development needs from our beginning or newer faculty members.  Although traditionally many teaching workshops and events for faculty are focused on beginning faculty, our desire is to design a program devoted to helping our mid- to late-career faculty remain vital and energized throughout their teaching careers.   With that goal in mind, the Invested Faculty Group was started in 2013.

At our first gathering of this group, 90+ faculty attended.  The attendees were polled, asking them for topics of interest.  After tabulating the results, the following items were listed as areas to explore for the group:               

              Working with technology to improve teaching and learning
              Reaching effectively the 21st Century Learner
              Remaining vital to the mission of the University 

Anyone who desires to remain engaged and energized in their career is welcome to attend our meetings.

Research indicates that professional development needs evolve over time.  According to Dr. Peter Seldin, Professor Emeritus at Pace University, “As professors age and acquire experience, their needs change.”  Varying professional routines and developing growth through participating in new activities are important.  Hopefully this Invested Faculty group will provide new opportunities to help our senior faculty continue to grow.

The Inaugural Invested Faculty Event- April 11, 2013
The inaugural event was held April 11, 2013 in the Kansas State University Alumni Center with over 90 faculty members attending.  Coach Bill Snyder, a member of the group’s demographics, give the keynote address, which included sharing of his teaching career beginning in Missouri where he taught Spanish among other obligations and drove the school bus as part of his job.  This delightful speech was followed by a “Four Corners” Discussion Group design where attendees were assigned to groups in the four-corners of the ballroom of the Alumni Center.   Faculty members Bronwyn Fees, Alfred Cochran, Laurie Curtis, Jane Fishback and Jana Fallin led the discussion with scribes assigned to each group.  The resulting information, titled Bright Ideas and Words of Wisdom is collected on this website.
The participants enjoyed a wonderful ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings and flavors one could imagine. The ending talk was provided by C. Clyde Jones, the first dean of the College of Business Administration at K-State, who was 91 at the time of the Invested Faculty event.
Videos - Coach Snyder, Clyde Jones
Four Corners Discussion
Invested Faculty Event- September 24, 2013
The Center celebrated a great invested faculty event with Dr. Frank Tracz sharing his thoughts in a talk entitled "The World's a mess and its up to us to change it" Also, Dr. Rebecca Gould shared some great teaching and tech tips with the group. 
Invested Faculty Event - April 28, 2014
The Center celebrated a recent invested faculty event with Ward Morgan, CEO Civic Plus sharing his valuable thoughts in a talk entitled "Manhattan Downtown Development".
We also celebrated Dr Jana Fallin's birthday, making the event more memorable.