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Welcome, GTAs!

On the TLC site you will find helpful hints and tips on teaching and learning and valuable resources for your career as a student and as an instructor. Many resources are available to you in our TLC Library in 206 Anderson Hall. Check out our new Teaching and Learning Online Library system.
Visit the links to your left to find out more about K-State and what the Teaching & Learning Center can do for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns, call or e-mail Dr. Brian Niehoff at (785) 532-7828 to set up an appointment.

GTA Recognition of Achievement in Professional Development

The GTA Recognition of Achievement in Professional Development is a program in which participants are recognized for their commitment to gain knowledge and skills in teaching. Although this program is geared toward GTAs, we have had post-docs, research associates, GoTeacher (Ecuadorian students) and even some faculty attend the sessions. Upon completion of both requirements, students are given a certificate of completion.
In order to obtain the Recognition of Achievement in Professional Development participants must attend at least 10 teaching events throughout the year. Each event attended will earn the student a punch in a punch card. Some events may include supplemental summaries or other activities that need to be completed/handed in to receive a card punch for that particular activity. These events include the GTA Professional Development Series Sessions offered by the Teaching & Learning Center, as well as talks, conferences, symposiums, roundtables etc. related to teaching and learning that occur within the K-State community. In this vein, the Teaching & Learning Center acts as a clearing house in which GTAs can learn more about teaching and learning events that are occurring on campus.

The other requirement for the Recognition of Achievement in Professional Development is to schedule another GTA to observe you teaching as well as you observe another GTA teach. After the observation, you two need to discuss the positive aspects of your teaching and ways you can improve.   You need to submit documentation to the Teaching & Learning Center after you have been observed.
Please contact

Tucker Jones at tuckerj@ksu.edu if you have any questions about punch cards or the GTA events!