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What is a Rapid Fire Presentation?

Glad that you’re wondering! Rapid Fire-style presentations have become a popular means of succinctly sharing ideas. This presentation style has a number of names with slight variations in format, including: Pechu Kucha, Ignite Talk, Lightning Round, and Speedy Presentation. Essentially, each presenter has only five-minutes to succinctly share the essence of an idea. Links and resources are available below that can be used to help formulate an effective Rapid Fire presentation.  

Rapid Fire presenters and topics - Click the topic title for a PDF, click the presenter's photo for a Video.

Little Theater (all slides)

Forum Hall (all slides)

Introduction - Kim Williams, FETE Co-Chair

Introduction – Cathie Lavis, FETE Co-Chair

Jason Coleman, Libraries: How to Design Plagiarism-Proof Research Assignments

Jason Coleman

Charles Sanders, Jr., History: The Care and Feeding of a Residential CAT (Community)


Pat Ackerman, Graduate Program Director, K-State Salina: Excavating the K-State Honor Code

Pat Ackerman

Scott Tanona, Philosophy: Expecting More out of Students (and Sometimes Getting It)

 Scott Tanona

Kim Williams, Horticulture: Using Popular Literature to Shake Things Up in a Lab Course

Kim Williams

John Harrington, Jr., Geography: A Relevant Distraction

John Harrington Jr

Danielle Brown and Kelly Carrico, Advisors: Effective Ice Breakers to Further Discussion in the Classroom (PDF)

 Danielle Brown   Kelly Carrico

Laura Kanost, Spanish: Five Ways to Foster Community

Laura Kanost

Sally Bailey, Theater: How to Provide a Brain Break to Students, During Lectures


Ben Ward, Instructional Designer: Five Minutes of Fun

Ben Ward

David Westfall, Sociology: From Ugandan Slum to U.S. University: Connecting with Students by Sharing Life Stories


Laura Donnelly, Dance: Using Bullet-Point Assignments to Develop Students’ Observation and Discussion Skills

Chad Miller, Horticulture: What I Learned about Teaching, During my First Year as a New Faculty Member

Chad Miller

Gary Mortenson, Director of Music, Theater, and Dance: Ways to Incorporate the Freshman Book Program into Your Course, Regardless of Discipline

Gary Mortenson

Joelle Pitts, Libraries: Flipping the Research Classroom

Joelle Pitts

Andrew Barkley, Agricultural Economics: Flipping the First-Year Classroom for Student Retention

Andrew Barkley

Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer:
NodeXL: A Cool, New (Free!) Tool to Extract Social Media Data. http://www.k-state.edu/ID/SNAandNodeXL.swf


Don Saucier, Psychology: Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation in Learning Communities (and Beyond)

Don Saucier


David Krishock, Grain Science: Crosswords for Customers


Following are some resources to aid in composing a Rapid Fire presentation:

Tips for all Rapid Fire presentation

How to create an Ignite Presentation

The fastest way to create an Ignite Presentation

Pecha Kucha: Tips, resources and examples