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Teaching & Learning Center

About the FETE Advisory Board

The Advisory Board organizes the annual K-State Teaching Retreat and may identify and organize other workshops and learning opportunities throughout the year. Members serve two-year terms.

FETE 2020/2021 Advisory Board


College of Agriculture:

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

College of Arts & Sciences:

College of Business:

College of Education: Need representation

College of Engineering: Need representation

College of Health and Human Sciences:

  • Kevin L. Sauer – Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health
  • Linda Yarrow – Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

College of Veterinary Medicine:

Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

K-State Libraries:

K-State Olathe: 

K-State Polytechnic

  • Bill Genereux-- Computer Systems Technology/Web Development Technology/Digital Media


Graduate Student Representatives:

Tucker Jones (tuckerj@ksu.edu)
Ph.D. Student, Social/Personality Psychology
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Teaching and Learning Center

Anish Sinha (anish4@ksu.edu)
MS Candidate, Data Analytics & Supply Chain  

Advisory board members:

  • Meet monthly in the late spring and the fall semester to plan the teaching retreat.
    • Identify speakers, themes, and venues for the retreat.
  • Work with TLC staff the week and day of the retreat to manage retreat logistics.
  • Propose and coordinate smaller workshops and learning events throughout the year, based upon interest and time.