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Teaching & Learning Center

Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence


The Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence (FETE) was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ann Stalheim Smith, University Distinguished Teaching Scholar. FETE activities are supported by the Teaching & Learning Center.


FETE Mission Statement

The Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence (FETE), under the umbrella of the Teaching & Learning Center is dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and learning at Kansas State University. This mission is accomplished by a committee of colleagues from each college and the Salina campus who work together to create, promote, and implement professional development programming for the campus community. FETE sponsors workshops, presentations, and study groups open to all KSU faculty and graduate students, and led by KSU faculty and experts from other institutions who share their experiences, expertise and passion for enhancing student learning.

FETE Coordinator

Peggy L. Honey is the coordinator of the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence.                                     

Peggy L. Honey

Peggy L. Honey
Associate Professor, Interior Design