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1st International Symposium on Innovative Teaching and Learning (September 26 - 27, 2017)

What is the International Symposium on Innovative Teaching and Learning?

Our Symposium is a two-day meeting focusing on teaching excellence in higher education.  Through workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and observations, attendees will immerse themselves in learning what it means to be a great collegiate teacher.  Also included in this Symposium will be a collaboration and sharing of ideas and practices about teaching and learning between professors in Chinese Universities and universities in the US.  The peer-reviewed papers and poster presentations will be included in a publication from New Prairie Press.  Those who attend will receive a certificate of participation.  It is our goal that after the symposium, participants will return to their colleges and universities and share information which will ultimately make a positive impact on student learning.

 Why should you come?

  • Learning about innovative trends in education applicable to many curricular areas in higher education.
  • Listening to experts discuss their work in higher education.
  • Establishing collaborations with new colleagues from the Symposium resulting in publications, possibly shared research opportunities and continued partnerships in higher education.
  • Sharing best practices and research findings in collegiate teaching.
  • Understanding the general teaching theories, pedagogies and using them in your particular specialties. 
  • Presenting and engaging with colleagues from other cultures with possible publication.
  • Networking opportunities with professional colleagues from other universities.
  • Receiving a certificate of participation and professional development at the close of the Symposium.
  • Being part of an exciting global learning experience for teachers at universities in China and the US.

Who should attend?

  • Instructors
  • Professors
  • Graduate Students
  • Administrators
  • Government officials involved in education
  • Anyone interested in improving and furthering the impact of colleges and universities in our countries.

Submit Proposal Here

  • The deadline for submissions is July 28th (FRI), 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time USA.
  • Final program schedule will be published on August 1st 2017. 

1. Program Schedule

2. Registration Fee --- $350 and All Meals Included.

3. The hotel fee --- $100 per night, and it includes a breakfast each morning.

4. Request Invitation Letter Here 

(BE SURE to provide your 1. Name, 2. E-mail Address 3. Mailing Address) 

Contact Information:

Teaching & Learning Center
206 Anderson Hall, 919 Mid-Campus Drive North, Manhattan, KS 66506