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Celebrate Kansas Day 2013!

Thank you to everyone in attendance on January 29  - you made this event a huge success!

Thank you to Hale Library for hosting this event. Thank you to Cox BBQ for their catering and a BIG thank you to our presenters: Jim Sherow, Mike Haddock, Mickey Ransom, Bonnie-Lynn Sherow, Ron Wilson, and Justin Kastner. Presenters shared with us their love of Kansas history, landscape, and cowboy poetry. Jana Fallin shared with us some wonderful cowboy music and we ended the presentation with a rousing rendition of Home on the Range.


Bonnie-Lynn Sherow
Chapman Center for Rural Studies
Kansas Historical Society

Mike Haddock, K-State Libraries, Author of "Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas"

Justin Kastner, Veterinary Medicine, editor of "150 Years of Kansas Beef


Kansas day promo

K-state historical photo





Flint Hills




Bluemont College - historical photo

Buffalo and cowboys in Kansas