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SPOTLIGHT K-State-2013



Speakers' Videos

President Kirk Schulz

Blake Belanger

Fred Burrack + Steve Dyer

Laurie Curtis

Greg Eiselein

Adriana Gonzales 

Chad Jackson

Chris Sorensen

Kelly Welch

Michael Wesch

Phil Payne

 represents teaching innovation and excellence in a TED Talk format.  The idea is to be brief, informative, and exciting. Thank you to everyone who attended the March 6, 2013 inaugural event and made it a roaring success!

"....the event was one of the best professional development sessions (I have) participated in on campus!! Nice job!"

"I just wanted to thank you for an incredible evening last week! The Spotlight on K-State event was truly a unique experience for everyone. The format was wonderful, highlighting the accomplishments of some of our top classroom teachers. The environment was fabulous --I saw nothing but smiling faces! And finally, I thank Mike for an amazing wrap-up talk!  It was an exhilarating finish, thought-provoking, and optimistic.  I felt proud to be a part of the K-State teaching community! You both did a wonderful job in the conception of this event, as well as making it work perfectly. I can't wait to do this again next year! Keep up the excellent work!"

"(I felt) energized and impressed with the variety of things going on at K-State."

"It was great to learn that a number of colleges shared values that put students first. This format allows each college to learn what the others are doing, which is great."

"(I was) impressed by the variety and creativity of teaching innovation (at K-State)."

 Spotlight- Chris Sorenson's presentation

"The March 6 Spotlight K-State event was absolutely amazing. As a first-year graduate student performing Physics Education Research, I was blown away by the quality of the speakers and the diversity of their messages. The passion with which they spoke about their students and their experiences was truly inspiring. I am unbelievably honored and proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking institution. I look forward to the next Spotlight event! Thank you, Dr. Fallin and Dr. Wesch, for dreaming up this forum. In addition, the refreshments were top notch and tasty... I send my hearty thanks to President Schulz for generously sponsoring this event."

Spotlight- Greg Eiselein's presentation 

"It was a honor to have the chance to share the "spotlight" with all of you tonight and big thank you to Jana and Mike for pulling it all together so beautifully. It was inspiring to hear your stories and learn of the great things going on at KSU by both faculty and students! All the best as we all work to maintain and gain our sense of wonder!"

"I felt motivated and proud of my University."

"I was inspired by the work that K-State faculty are doing now and their vision for the future."

Spotlight- Kelly Welch's presentation

"Great job!!!" "Incredible event."  "All presenters did fabulously." "The President was so generous in hosting it. What a glorious evening, I left with such a feeling of joy and thankfulness for K-State!" "A TRUE celebration of teaching and learning."


"It was an amazing thing to see all of our ideas come together. So many people were buzzing about it all night.  It was great to see our community come together.  I'm looking forward to the next one!"


"I have to tell you that both the teaching conference in February and the SPOTLIGHT K-State (events) were amazing. All of your work paid off! I loved both of them."