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Teaching & Learning Center

March 7, 2017

Thinking about Thinking
Ian Connole
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Promoting the Art of Knowing about Knowing
Bonnie Rush
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The Second Law of Teaching
Kevin Wanklyn
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Holding Hands, Running Fast
May Tolar
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Choosing to Cultivate Student Learning to Harvest Career Success
Marshall Hay
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Online Learning for Offline Living
Ryan Klataske
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Dogma: The Imperative for Science
David Poole
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Prickly Quills and Everyday Nirvana
Terrie McCants
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Pounding the Pavement: The Beauty of Data for Transdisciplinary Teaching and Research
Bill Hsu
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Knowldege for Action
Garrett Wilkinson
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How We Know: The Complexity of Consciousness
Sarah Jane Fishback
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Closing Remarks
Michael Wesch
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