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The IDEA System

The IDEA System is administered at Kansas State University through the Teaching & Learning Center. IDEA student ratings provide an indicator of students' impressions of your effectiveness in teaching a given class. The system is based on the concept that certain teaching techniques influence certain student learning outcomes. The IDEA Student Rating System and Reports are used by colleges and universities nation-wide, and your results are compared to a national database.
The IDEA System offers two survey forms. The Diagnostic Form has 47 items. The Diagnostic Report helps you to interpret your students' input to better guide your efforts to enhance your teaching effectiveness, so the Diagnostic Form is the better choice when you want help to devise strategies to improve your teaching. If you intend to use the student ratings only for administrative purposes, then the 18-item Short Form might be more appropriate.

IDEA is available in both a paper version and an online version.

               Paper Version for on-campus courses only

                          Faculty Member Information

                          Departmental Evaluation Coordinator Information

               Online Version for distance education courses only

                          Faculty Member Information


Group summary reports are available for departments.