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Use these resources to learn how the K-State and Manhattan community can become more sustainable. 

aTa bus

The aTa bus is a full public transit solution for the city of Manhattan with fixed routes throughout town. K-State students, faculty, and staff with university ID receive free fares point to point from KSU Foundation, the K-State Student Union, and Edwards Hall. All other fares are $1.00. Monthly passes are available for $30.00. Learn more about the aTA bus and how it serves Manhattan and K-State. 

K-State Recycling

K-State Recycling is committed to becoming a more environmentally aware community by expanding recycling efforts across the campus. The program strives to enhance the campus environment, minimize the waste stream, decrease waste management costs and help our planet. Learn more about K-State Recycling at what materials the facility can recycle. 

Energy and Environment Program

The Energy and Environment Program was developed in 2010 to promote energy conservation, environmental stewardship, and ecological awareness on campus. The program and its director oversee energy performance contracting and building control enhancements across campus. It is the program's goal to develop behavioral and technological-based energy conservation plans customized for individual colleges and buildings at K-State. Learn more about Energy and Environment Program operations. 

K-State Sustainability Task Force

In 2009, the university established the K-State Sustainability Task Force to assess sustainability needs and vision on campus. Learn more about the K-State Sustainability Task Force and its recommendations. 

Kansas Board of Regents Sustainability Polices

The Kansas Board of Regents has developed guidelines for colleges and universities to follow when planning for sustainable improvements on campus. Learn more about their polices. 


K-State is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) which serves as a great tool for those interested in learning how to make college campuses more sustainable. Learn more from their resource center. 


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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