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Spring 2017 Green Action Funded Proposals

ProposalContactDepartment/officeProject status
Living Green Education SeriesMelina Cope, Makenzie Hutley, Julia DayApparel, Textiles, & DesignFUNDED
Monitoring Green RoofsAllyssa Decker & othersLandscape Architecture, Regional & Community PlanningFUNDED
Educating Campus about Tree CareCathie LavisHorticulture and Natural ResourcesFUNDED
Quantitative Experience to Campus AccessMason Herrman, Greg NewmarkLandscape Architecture, Regional & Community PlanningFUNDED
Recycling CenterBill SpiegelFacilitiesFUNDED
Dorms Energy CompetitionJulia Day, Seth Heronemus, Rhiana MartinEnergy and Human Behavior ProgramFUNDED

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