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Green Action Fund

The Green Action Fund provides an opportunity for the K-State campus to:

  • Fund needed projects that improve K-State's sustainability performance
  • Enhance the student interaction with sustainability by making the K-State campus a living classroom. 
  • Empowers students through student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience and networking.
  • Supporting the K-State 2025 strategic plan by weaving sustainability into all aspects of Kansas State University. 

In order to be funded, projects must have a component of direct student involvement, improve K-State's sustainability performance in meaningful and cost-effective ways, and have a campus department or unit partner to manage project funding. All proposals should comply to the Green Action Fund Proposal Guidelines

Funding comes from the Student Governing Association through the Student Centered Tuition Enhancement fund. For a complete description of the fund, read the Kansas State University Green Action Fund (GAF) Charter and By-Laws. The fund is managed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff, and the committee reports to the Office of Student Activities and Services on the use and impact of funds.  For more information or clarification of the Fund and funding process, contact the Office of Sustainability.

Call for Green Action Fund Proposals for Fall 2019

The Green Action Fund is now accepting proposals from student groups. Projects focused on enhancing the sustainability practices on the K-State Campuses will be reviewed for funding.  For proposal format guidelines, please see the link on this page.  All proposals should be submitted electronically by November 26, 2019 to sustainability@ksu.edu. Funds will need to be expended by June 30, 2020.

Below are links to proposals from the previous years.  These are provided for informational purposes only. Please follow the Guidelines provided above to assure that a proposal submission includes all of the necessary information.

Green Action Funded Proposals

Spring 2019
Spring 2018
Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2016

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