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Fall 2016 Green Action Funded Proposals

ProposalContactDepartment/officeProject status
Green Apple BikesAna GrotherFacilitiesFUNDED
Biodiesel - CarbideAllison Crowther, Mark Neal, Ed BrokeshBiological and Agricultural EngineeringFUNDED
Water Bottle Filling StationsBrooke Mechels, John Kelly Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation ResourcesFUNDED
Green WeekMorgan Hammes, Brian NiehoffOffice of SustainabilityFUNDED
Biodiesel Dry washDevon Ronsse, Brianna Betsch, Ed BrokeshBiological and Agricultural EngineeringFUNDED
KSU Center for Child developmentRosie MitchellKSU Center for Child developmentFUNDED

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