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Get Involved: Faculty and Staff

Deskside Bin Program

Faculty and staff can do their part by requesting special bins for their office through the K-State Recycling Programs. The Deskside Bin Program accepts newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, and most other materials. Learn more about how to become involved with the Deskside Bin Program.  

Game Day Recycling

Help Wildcats go green as they wear purple. Game Day Recycling volunteers help collect and sort recyclable materials at home football games. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard are collected from both tailgates and the stadium are collected by volunteers and then sorted at the K-State Recycling facility. Learn more about how you can help the Wildcat family go green.

Greening Your Workplace

Track the progress of your workplace towards sustainability with the Greening Your Workplace program. Use the Greening Your Workplace Scorecard to determine what practices your workplace has contributed to and what practices your workplace can conquer in the future. Submit your efforts to the Office of Sustainability and your department or office will be recognized for your achievements. Learn more about the Greening Your Workplace program. 

K-State EcoReps

The K-State EcoReps program is your opportunity to advance sustainability. In this program, change begins with you and your peers. EcoReps will help their departments to be more energy efficient, increase recycling and reduce waste, and pursue environmentally responsible purchasing practices. Learn more about K-State EcoReps. 

Sustainability in the Classroom

Incorporate sustainability into academics by bringing related topics to the classroom, scholarship, and scholarly activities. Sustainability at K-State should foster interdisciplinary relationships on campus and encourage an active and dynamic conversation about the environmental, social, and economic health of the university. 


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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