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Get Involved: Community

aTa bus

The aTa bus is a full public transit solution for the city of Manhattan with fixed routes throughout town. K-State students, faculty, and staff with university ID receive free fares point to point from KSU Foundation, the K-State Student Union, and Edwards Hall. All other fares are $1.00. Monthly passes are available for $30.00. Learn more about the aTA bus and how it serves Manhattan and K-State.

Flint Hills Resilience Coalition

The Flint Hills Resilience Coalition is a community-based, community-led networking organization, in which all those interested in building resilient and sustainable communities in the Flint Hills Region can connect, find fellowship, share information, create partnerships, and celebrate steps forward.

Howie's Recycling and Trash Service

Howie's Recycling and Trash Service offers local recycling and waste removal services to the Manhattan community and surrounding area. Learn more about Howie's recycling facility and curbside recycling program.

Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee helps to plan and promote cycling developments including policy, routes, programming, and fundraising within the Manhattan community. Learn more about the purpose of the Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Riley County Hazardous Waste

Riley County Hazardous Waste offers monthly hazardous waste collection in order to maintain a safe environment for the county area by providing a facility that properly disposes of hazardous materials. Learn more about Riley County's hazardous waste monthly collection.


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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