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Get Started!

Defining you workplace

First, define your workplace. This can be a building, a department within a building, or a floor. Check with the K-State EcoReps and/or the people in your office to make sure no fraction of it is part of another group for the purposes of the program.

Download the Scorecard and tour your office to determine what scorecard items you already have done. Easy points!

For every item you've already completed, submit proof to the Office of Sustainability. As you complete additional items, continue to submit proof to the Office of Sustainability and track your own progress with the Scorecard.

Tracking you progress

If you haven't already, download the Greening Your Workplace Scorecard. Have one representative responsible for updating the Scorecard and submitting each item completion to the Office of Sustainability.

Once you have downloaded and opened the Scorecard, you can use the drop-down boxes for every item you complete. If you select "Yes," the section sub-total and the main total will both update themselves. Your office can use this not just to tack awards standings, but to determine areas where the office is greenest, and the areas which need the most work.

Submitting proof

As you complete each item, you will submit your name, department, item code, who it impacts, related quantitative date, impact on campus sustainability, description of leadership roles in the initiative, and an overview of the project or task. Submit all project details with the Greening Your Workplace Submission form.

Starred items and additional projects

Some items on the Scorecard are not feasible with current university infrastructure (those marked with an asterisk). If your office decides to tackle one of these projects, the Director of Sustainability will award extra points for going above and beyond (for example, see item I.13). To receive these extra points, someone from your workplace must write a "how-to" and submit it to the Office of Sustainability to be featured on the K-State Sustainability website.

Item I.15 offers additional points for sustainability projects not listed on the Scorecard. These additional projects must be approved by the Director of Sustainability to receive any points.


When your office submits enough items to merit an achievement level, the Office of Sustainability will automatically grant the respect award. No additional action on your behalf is needed.

In the next K-State EcoReps newsletter, your workplace will be listed as a new Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Achievement Level Workplace. Additionally, your office will receive a virtual badge for use on departmental websites and newsletters.

At the end of each academic year, your workplace will be recognized at the K-State EcoReps annual awards ceremony. We encourage all participating members of winning offices and departments to attend.

Questions and concerns

Stuck on an item? Contact the Office of Sustainability or join the K-State EcoReps for ideas and examples of what previous offices have accomplished.

Any other questions? Contact the Director of Sustainability.


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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