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Greening Your Workplace

Track the progress of your workplace towards sustainability with the Greening Your Workplace program through concrete, attainable goals and a user-friendly points system. The program hopes to encourage social action towards sustainability through offices working together for a common goal.

Use the Greening Your Workplace Scorecard (Excel) to determine what practices your workplace has contributed to and what practices your workplace can conquer in the future. The Scorecard lists efforts an office may make, with point values assigned by difficulty, expense, and level of participation required. Submit your efforts to the Office of Sustainability and your department or office will be recognized for your achievements.

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Greening Your Workplace Achievement Levels

BronzeBronze Achievement: 25 points required

SilverSilver Achievement: 75 points required

GoldGold Achievement: 130 points required

PlatinumPlatinum Achievement: 180 points required

Total possible points is 256 with extra points available for additional projets.

To be awarded points for your efforts, submit the required information. All submissions must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sustainability before participants are awarded points and considered for a Greening Your Workplace Achievement Level.

Greening Your Workplace Participants

Look for the Greening Your Workplace seal on participating groups' websites to see who on campus is protecting the environment and furthering sustainability at K-State. 

WorkplaceAchievement LevelCurrent Point Total
Plant Pathology (PDF)Platinum180
Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning (PDF)Gold136
Leadership Studies (PDF)Silver122
Recycling Center (PDF)Silver103
Recreational Services (PDF)Silver81
Provost's Office (PDF)Bronze66
Agronomy (PDF)Bronze46
Division of Continuing Education (PDF)Bronze45
Civil Engineering (PDF)Bronze33

How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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