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K-State EcoReps

The K-State EcoReps program is your opportunity to advance sustainability! In this program, change begins with you and your peers. EcoReps will help their departments or academic majors to be more energy efficient, increase recycling and reduce waste, and pursue environmentally responsible purchasing practices.

EcoReps will be asked to act as a communications liaison for their department or majors, provide feedback to improve programs, and attend meetings with other sustainability representatives to share progress and upcoming initiatives related to the department.

Register for the K-State EcoReps program to decrease departmental footprints campus wide or contact the Office of Sustainability at sustainability@k-state.edu to join the conversation on our listserv.

Learn more about K-State EcoReps

Faculty and Staff Registration

Join fellow K-State faculty and staff in advancing sustainability on campus.

Student Registration

Join fellow K-State students in advancing sustainability on campus.


Stay up to date with K-State EcoReps.

Current EcoReps

Browse a list of the current K-State EcoReps working to create a more sustainable campus. 

Greening Your Workplace

Track the progress of your workplace with the Greening Your Workplace program.

K-State EcoReps Awards

The K-State EcoReps Awards were established to recognize campus entities making strides towards sustainability at K-State and in the Manhattan community.

Download the EcoRep Seal

Display the EcoRep Seal on your department's website to showcase your efforts towards sustainability. 


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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