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Summer at K-State

Development Grants

Kansas State University Summer School’s grant funding program provides funding for faculty to develop new and innovative programs for Summer.  Faculty and departments are invited to submit proposals using the Application Form.

Programs seeking funding to create new offerings or serve new audiences during Summer term should meet one of two criteria:

  1. Recruitment of new students/new audiences to the university
  2. Retention (and progression to degree) of existing students

Recruitment of new students or new audiences may include programs such as creating a program for high school students to engage them in a field or major prior to them choosing a college and degree path, or offering a standalone certificate or standalone minor to professionals or students from other institutions, or something similar.

A good example of a program created with the intent to improve retention of students at the university is a bridge or transition program designed to onboard new freshmen or transfer students the summer before their first fall. These programs may be partially on campus and partially online. The program may have credit course offerings, additional programming beyond credit courses, and a wide range of purposes. They may serve a particular target audience (e.g. underrepresented students, first generation students).

As proposals are developed, we ask that you indicate not only what the funds will cover the first year, but how the program will become self-supporting in future years. Once development has occurred, how will you continue to fund the program?

The priority submission deadline is Mar. 1, 2019, for programs to be offered in summer 2020. Review of the proposals will occur in late spring, and departments will be notified of funded programs by mid-May.

For more information, please contact Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Summer School Coordinator, at 785-532-2570 or jam4545@ksu.edu.