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Be Street Smart

Darwin was right: it’s all about survival of the fittest. Just as predators search for weak prey, criminals look for weak victims.

So don’t make yourself an easy target. Travel in numbers. Walk with confidence. Plan your routes in advance. Stay alert.

Here are some more ways to be street smart:

Walk safely

• Walk with a friend you know well, especially at night.

• Learn the location of campus safety phones.

• Call for a campus escort through K-State’s Wildcat Walk program. Call 395-SAFE.

• Watch your body language: Look confident and look people in the eye.

• If your instincts tell you something’s wrong, trust them—and get away.

• Cross the street if you see a suspicious person coming toward you.

• If you’re being followed, head for a public place and ask for help.

• Stay alert. Don’t listen to your iPod or talk on your cell phone when walking by yourself.

• Stick to well-lighted and well-traveled sidewalks.

• Don’t take shortcuts through parking lots, alleys, or wooded areas.

• Walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles.

Get to your vehicle safely

• Hold your keys in your fist as you walk to your vehicle.

• Check to see that nobody is in the back seat.

• Before you get in, give your vehicle a quick once-over. Check tires, headlights, and other parts that might leave you stranded.

• Never leave your car unlocked, even for the few minutes it may take you to return a movie, buy milk, and so forth. Attackers may lie in wait for such an opportunity.

Bike safely

• Register your bike with Parking Services. It’s free—and you’ll get parking tickets if you don’t!

• Record the serial number of your bike.

• Never leave your bike unattended or unlocked.

• Use sturdy or heavy, case-hardened chains to lock your bike.

• Lock your bike on a bike rack. Most stolen bikes were never even locked up!

• If you’re really concerned about theft, carry your front wheel with you after you park your bike. Who’d steal a one-wheeled bike?

• While you’re at it, take your accessories. Those gel pad seats are a hot commodity!

• Keep your bike locked in your room when you’re not riding it

• Wear a helmet.

• Stay off sidewalks. Use bike lanes instead.

• Be sure your bike has a front light and reflectors to meet the state law.

For more information

Learn about Wildcat Walk

Find out the location of emergency phones

Download details on biking regulations(PDF)