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Do Your Part for Residence Hall Safety

Your residence hall is your home away from home. That’s why K-State has taken many steps to keep it safe: security-card system for after-hours access, staff members on duty around the clock, educational programs to help build a closer community, and more. But just because you don’t have to do your own cooking doesn’t mean you’ve signed on for responsibility-free living.

Ways to preserve the safety of your hall

• Get to know your neighbors.

• Lock your doors every time you leave, no matter how long you plan to be gone.

• Report any suspicious activity to the front desk.

• Keep your ID card with you at all times for identification.

• Don’t leave exterior doors propped open when locked.

• Don’t let suspicious people into the halls.

• Don’t tamper with fire extinguishers or alarm systems.

• Don’t allow people to follow you into the hall after you unlock the door.

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