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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506

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Community-Building Resources and Programs

K-State has a network of programs and resources to help develop and maintain a safe, caring, and inclusive community. These include:

Campaign for Nonviolence

This campus effort promotes a community that is safe, respectful, and equitable for all.


This network of trained allies helps victims of threats, violence, harassment, and discrimination.  They also provide training to the campus community on a variety of topics.

LGBT resource center

The center is dedicated to helping the LGBT students, staff, and faculty and members of the surrounding communities to be more secure, educated, and productive in their personal and professional surroundings. The Center is open to all and provides information regarding resources available to the LGBT community.

Community Cultural Harmony Week

This annual event unites campus and community to learn and grow.

Cultural and affinity groups

These organizations help people to better understand and appreciate our diverse community.

Residence hall programming

These programs focus on safety, involvement, diversity, and other topics.