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Measures of Success

As we move forward together, we must steadfastly measure our success, recognize our accomplishments and monitor and report our progress. This starts with an institutional commitment to holding ourselves accountable to this plan and our collective future.

Next-Gen K-State Measures of Success Dashboard

One way we will hold ourselves accountable is through tracking progress on key measures of success. Seventeen key metrics were selected to measure our progress to achieve our strategic imperative goals. In some cases, we have set targets that will become more precise as we better understand underlying data and trends. In others, we must first establish a baseline for setting targets upon which we can track progress.

To learn more about our university strategic plan metrics for success, view our Next-Gen K-State dashboard.

Here you will find baseline data, the most recent annual data as reported by the university for each measure, our 2025 and 2030 performance targets, links to our strategic imperatives, and detailed operational definitions for each metric with source information.

See how our measures of success align with our strategic imperatives

Peer and Aspirational Comparison Institutions

Five peer and six aspirational institutions were used as a comparison set of institutions for analysis and benchmarking of institutional performance during the planning process.

Peer Institutions

  • Auburn University
  • Iowa State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University of Arkansas – Fayetteville
  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Aspirational Institutions

  • Colorado State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Oregon State University
  • Purdue University
  • University of Georgia