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Student Success Collaborative

Office of Student Success
Kansas State University 
101 Holton Hall 
1101 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Help for Advisors

Primary and faculty advisors use SSC-Navigate to:

  • conduct a “30-second student check” via academic summary page
  • set “notifications” which result in automated progress alerts
  • sort students by “risk indicators,” to target appropriate intervention
  • create lists and conduct advanced searches
  • schedule appointments with automated text message reminders
  • create “targeted campaigns” or proactive outreach to select advisees
  • advise students concerning alternative majors and related careers
  • review unofficial transcript via term details page
  • track student advisor history and review tutor notes
  • receive early alerts
  • create reports
  • schedule appointments
  • and more

We recommend that advisors review the Help Center information within the SSC site as well as register at the EAB website so that they can access EAB’s User Guide for SSC-Navigate and additional similar materials.