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Social transformation studies

In the social transformation studies degree program, you will develop skills that are both desirable to employers and vital for bringing about transformed societies and just futures: innovation skills to create new solutions to both emerging and enduring social problems, the ability to work with and serve diverse and underserved constituencies, and critical thinking, writing and communication.


Earn a B.A. or B.S. in social transformation studies (30 credit hours)

Core curriculum (15 credit hours):

AMETH 160 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies OR
GWSS 105 Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (3)

STRAN 400 Transforming Society (3)

STRAN 550 Practicing Social Justice (3)

STRAN 600 Pathways to Social Change (3)

One (1) AMETH elective OR GWSS elective (3)

Choose one of the following tracks

American ethnic studies track (15 credit hours)

  • AMETH 351 African American Perspectives (3)
  • AMETH 352 American Indian Perspectives (3)
  • AMETH 353 Latina/o Perspectives (3)
  • AMETH 354 Asian American Perspectives (3)  
  • AMETH elective (3) 

Gender, women, and sexuality studies track (15 credit hours)

Students pursuing the gender, women, and sexuality studies track within the social transformation studies major are encouraged to work closely with their advisor in choosing courses. A wide variety of course are available, and students can also choose classes grouped into the GWSS track interest areas: cultural studies and popular culture; science, health, and the environment; and justice movements.