faculty STRAN

Social Transformation Studies

B.A./B.S. Social Transformation Studies (STRAN) = 30 credit hours

Core Curriculum (15 credit hours):

AMETH 160 OR GWSS 105 3 cr.

STRAN 400 Transforming Society: 3 cr.

STRAN 550 Practicing Social Justice: 3 cr.

STRAN 600 Pathways to Social Change: 3 cr.

One (1) AMETH elective OR GWSS elective : 3 cr.

Choose one of the following tracks:

American Ethnic Studies track (15 credit hours):

AMETH 351 African American Perspectives: 3 cr.

AMETH 352 American Indian Perspectives: 3 cr.

AMETH 353 Latina/o Perspectives: 3 cr.

AMETH 354 Asian American Perspectives: 3 cr. 

AMETH elective: 3 cr. 

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies track (15 credit hours)

GWSS 305 Advanced Fundamentals in GWSS: 3 cr.

GWSS Electives: 6 cr.

GWSS and/or approved cross-referenced electives: 6 cr.

The requirements of the GWSS track in the Social Transformation Studies major are flexible, requiring 15 credit hours with 1 required class—GWSS 305—and 12 hours of electives. Of these electives, 6 hours/2 classes are required to be GWSS classes, while the remaining 6 hours may be either GWSS courses or approved cross-referenced courses (for information about GWSS courses and cross-referenced courses, please see the departmental website). This emphasis on electives aims to accommodate students’ varying interests and career aspirations; indeed, many pursue multiple majors and/or minors. Students pursuing the GWSS track within the Social Transformation Studies major are encouraged to work closely with their advisor in choosing courses; while students have the option of electing a wide range of courses for the track, they can also choose classes grouped through a particular area of interest that would provide preparation for future endeavors. Currently, courses in the GWSS track are grouped in the following areas: cultural studies and popular culture; science, health, and the environment; and justice movements.