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Expanding markets for sorghum and millet farmers in West Africa through strengthening of entrepreneur processors and nutrition-based promotion of products

Lead institution: Purdue University
Award amount: $816,328
Focus counties: Niger, Senegal

Millet couscous

Principal investigator: Bruce Hamaker
U.S. collaborating institution: Purdue University
International collaborating institution: Senegal - ISRA, CNRA, ITA; Niger - INRAN

The activities of this project expand work with entrepreneur processors through local incubation centers with strategies for developing new extruded and other products, innovative ways to promote sorghum and millet processed products, and nutrient fortification of products that is sustained through market demand. The specific project objectives include:

  1. To further develop and optimize appropriate food items made from sorghum and millet for successful expansion into the marketplace with a focus on high quality flour-based and agglomerated products, and a newly developed technology for the production of nutritionally-enhanced extruded instant infant/young children flours and for thin porridges.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of Senegalese and Nigerien micro-, small- and medium-sized agribusinesses through existing incubation centers either formed or facilitated through previous INTSORMIL projects and identify development partners for incorporation of business management training and assistance to entrepreneurs, as well as a communication strategy to include branding, marketing and promotion activities.
  3. To incorporate and leverage nutritional factors in marketing and promotion of sorghum and millet products into rural and urban centers.
  4. Connect with other actors in the value-chain to benefit smallholder farmers.

While addressing the area of inquiry, “Development of added‐value products and market development,” the research team aims to create successful models using food and nutrition-related technologies to expand markets and improve nutrition and health of vulnerable groups, and ultimately to have these models be used elsewhere. Scientific and technological research is being used to generate advancements in sorghum and millet utilization while capacity building is incorporated through short-term and graduate degree training.

For more information about the project, contact:

Bruce HamakerDr. Bruce Hamaker, Distinguished Professor
Purdue University
Phillip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science Room 2195
745 Agriculture Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2009