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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet

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Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab

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Past projects (2014-2019)

Researchers in sorghum fieldThe initial projects selected for funding by the Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab contribute to improving food security, household resilience and private sector growth in the Ethiopia, Senegal and Niger through the enhancement of production and value-added product development. They were identified through a competitive call for proposals in late 2013, with 10 projects selected from the 58 proposals received, based on the recommendations of the Lab’s external advisory board and dozens of ad-hoc reviewers. Our current projects began in 2019.


Developing superior functionality in sorghum for food applications to promote sorghum value chain in Ethiopia              
Principal investigator: Joseph Awika (Texas A&M University)

Genetic enhancement of sorghum to promote commercial seed supply and grain market development in Ethiopia
Principal investigator: Gebisa Ejeta (Purdue University)

Genetic improvement of sorghum for resistance to fungal pathogens
Principal investigator: Tesfaye Mengiste (Purdue University)

Improved Crop Genetics and Processing Methods for Increased Productivity and Nutrition for Smallholder Sorghum Producers in Ethiopia
Principal investigator: Tesfaye Tesso (Kansas State University)

West Africa

Improving sorghum adaptation in West Africa with genomics-enabled breeding
Principal investigator: Geoffrey Morris (Kansas State University)

Development of biotic stress-resistant sorghum cultivars for Niger and Senegal
Principal investigator: Bonnie Pendleton (West Texas A&M University)

Sorghum trait development pipeline for improved food and feed value
Principal investigator: Mitchell Tuinstra (Purdue University)

Biological control of the millet head miner in Niger and Senegal
Principal investigator: Malick Ba (ICRISAT - Niger)

Optimization of the seed ball technology for pearl millet, and agronomic and socio-economic evaluation in the context of smallholder farmers in Senegal and Niger
Principal investigator: Ludger Herrmann (University of Hohenheim – Germany)

Expanding markets for sorghum and millet farmers in West Africa through strengthening of entrepreneur processors and nutrition-based promotion of products
Principal investigator: Bruce Hamaker (Purdue University)

Development of dual-purpose pearl millet varieties for the benefit of farmers and agro-pastoralists in the Sahelian and Sudanian zones of West Africa
Principal investigator: Roger Zangré (Institut de l'Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles

Assessment of pearl millet production problems in West Africa and molecular diversity analysis of pearl millet parental lines
Principal investigator: Desalegn Serba (Kansas State University - Hays Agricultural Research Center)


Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Genomics-Assisted Sorghum Breeding
Principal investigators: Gael Pressoir (CHIBAS - Quisqueya University), Geoffrey Morris (Kansas State University) and Edward Buckler (Cornell University)