If you have already been selected for a graduate or undergraduate study at Kansas State University, we are glad to help you to settle down here at Manhattan Kansas. You may have several unanswered questions in your mind that may need answers before you leave your home country.

Immigration Documents

Make sure you have all of the following documents

  • Sri Lanka passport with a valid US Visa stamp.
  • I-20 Issued by KSU or DS2019 issued by any scholorship awarding agency.
  • I-94 ( You will receive this in the aircraft before landing to USA)
  • University offer letters/supporting documents
  • Financial support documents (if available)
  • Degree Certificates (for Graduate Students)

Trip Preparation

Learn how to drive ( not just the drivers license) and get the drivers license. Follow this link for the full procedure for applying for Kansas drivers license.

Visit your dentist (at least two months before you leave the country), take suitable treatment, and make sure all your dental needs are taken care of. Dental expenses are substantially high in USA, compared to the same in Sri Lanka.


Apartments for undergraduate students and graduate students. Graduate students can apply for the university housing. More information is available in the web site Jardine Apartment Complex. Jardine apartments are affordable and located on campus. They are managed by the university and many international students live there. You have to apply for accommodation as soon as possible due to limited number of apartments. If you are interested, and apply online, please visit the web site.

Arrival/Airport Information

Closest International airport to Manhattan is Kansas City Airport (MCI) which is located about 125 miles from KSU and the closest regional air port is Manhattan Regional Airport. There are few ways to arrive at Manhattan.

  • Fly to Chicago O'hare International Airport (ORD) or Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) and there are about 2 flights each daily from there to Manhattan Regional Airport. Flight schedule can be found here.

  • Fly to Kansas City Airport (MCI) and there is a shuttle service - KCI Road Runner available from KCI airport to Manhattan (fare is going to be approx. US $60). You can make your reservations online or at the airport itself. Also you can make reservation after arrive at MCI by calling their toll free number ( you don't have to pay to call this number if you are in USA). These shuttle services will provide transportation to any address you provide within Manhattan for extra $5( It'll take about two and half hours to reach Manhattan). Fly to MCI only if you can't get a ticket at a reasonable price to Manhattan.

Baggage Information

You can bring one check-in baggage and a hand luggage. One extra bag maybe checked in for $50. Check with you Travel agent about weight and size restrictions. At the port of entry to the USA you have to fill up a form (I-94) in which you have to declare the items inside your baggage. Don't bring any unprocessed live food items, it is against the law. You may be charged or your items will be destroyed in US quarantine and US customs counter. Only a small amount of liquids and gel are allowed in the hand luggage. Rest of it will need to go in to your check-in baggage. Processed food items are allowed in you luggage. For more information about what to bring from your home, please contact one of our members, then they will assist you with more information.

Manhattan Weather

The weather in Manhattan varies extensively over the year with summer high of up to 105F (41C) and a winter low of -10F(-23C). The annual snowfall averages about 10 inches but snow does not stay more than a week at one snow fall. Compared to the northern states of the country, Kansas has a milder winter.

Expenses per month

The expenses given below are just approximations for a month.

  • Rent : $350 - $550
  • Electricity : $ 20.00
  • Telephone : $ 5.00 (land phone) $40.00 (Mobile)
  • Internet : Free (University Housing) - $40 (outside)
  • Cable TV : $20 - $50
  • Food : $150 - $250 (per person)
(Expenses may vary depernding on where you are staying. On Campus housing like Jardine, electricity and other amenities cost lesser than in off-campus housing.)

More Details

Try following links for more details.

Above details are given for information purpose only. Sri Lankan Students' Association assumes no responsibility about it's accuracy.