News - 2008

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General meeting was held on 27th of October 2008 at Fiedler Hall, Room 0088, at 5.30 pm

New Comers' Welcome Party

A Welcome Party for new comers was held on 16th of Augest 2008 at Tuttle Creek.

2008-04-14 to 2008-04-20
International Championships

SLSA participated in the International Championship games organized by the International Coordinating Council and International Student Center.

2008-04-06 to 2008-04-12
International Week

SLSA participated in the Talent show, Cultural exibition, International Fashion show and won the 2'nd place in the Cultural exibition. Manuja was interviewd by the Collegian during the exibition.
From Collegian
"Sri Lanka is a small island with nice beaches, said Manuja Lamabadusuriya, graduate student in chemistry. She said it is mostly a Buddhist country, but there are three different races. The majority of the people in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese, the second group are the Tamil, and the final race of people on Sri Lanka are a mixture of European and Sri Lankan. She said the money in Sri Lanka is called Rupees."
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New Web Site Launched

New Version of SLSA web site was launched.

2'nd AGM of SLSA

The 2nd AGM of SLSA was held on 15th of February, 2008, in Room 0088, Fiedler Hall, at 5.30p.m