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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sustainable Intensification

Focus Country Subawards



Unlocking the production potential of "polder communities" in coastal Bangladesh through improved resource use efficiency and diversified cropping systems

Principal investigator: Krishna Jagadish SV (Kansas State University)

Burkina Faso

Sustainable intensification through better integration of crop and livestock production systems for improved food security and environmental benefits in Sahelian zone of

Principal investigator: Augustine Ayantunde (International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI))


Women in Agriculture Network (WAgN) Cambodia: Gender- and Ecologically-Sensitive Agriculture

Principal investigator: Ricky M. Bates (Pennsylvania State University)


Sustainably Intensified Production Systems Impact on Nutrition (SIPSIN)

Principal investigator: Neville Clarke (Texas A&M University)


Adoption of sustainable intensification in dual-purpose millet – leguminous crops – livestock systems to improve food and nutritional security and natural resources management for rural smallholder farmers in Senegal

Principal investigator: Doohong Min (Kansas State University)


Raising crop response: bidirectional learning to catalyze sustainable intensification at multiple scales

Principal investigator: Sieg Snapp (Michigan State University)