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Legionella in the news


Buildings closed by coronavirus face another risk: Legionnaires' Disease - Thomson Reuters, 2020

Recent Outbreaks in the News:

Wikipedia List of Legionnaires' outbreaks 

The number of Legionnaires' disease cases in an outbreak linked to a North Carolina state fair has risen to 25 - CNN, 2019

One person has died of Legionnaires' disease after staying at an Atlanta hotel - CNN, 2019

Disneyland shuts down cooling towers over Legionnaires' cases - CNN, 2017

Flint water crisis likely the cause of deadly Legionnaires outbreak - CNN, 2017

Legionnaires’ Outbreak on Upper East Side Kills One and Sickens Six - New York Times, 2017

Officials Seek Source of Legionnaires’ Outbreak in the Bronx - New York Times, 2015

Legionella bacteria found at Playboy Mansion after illnesses - Reuters, 2011

History of Legionnaires' disease:

In Philadelphia 30 Years Ago, an Eruption of Illness and Fear - New York Times, 2006

History and Disease Patterns - CDC