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Student Governing Association

Student Services Fee Breakdown 2022-2023

The K-State campus-wide mandatory student fee, now named the Student Services fee (but previously known as the Campus Privilege fee), is set by the Board of Regents from the recommendation made by the Student Governing Association and the University Administration. This fee is used to support a variety of non-instructional student service activities. Students are entitled to services at the Lafene Health Center, the Recreational Complex, the K-State Student Union, Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services, and many more entities, all of which provide extracurricular benefits for students.

Any increases to these fees have to be proposed to the Student Services Fee Committee, and approved by the Student Senate. This all-student committee is responsible for the review of the line-item fees and addresses issues of long-term financial planning. This committee ultimately determines the Student Services fee amount that each student pays at the beginning of each semester and what services students get from this fee. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the Student Services fee amount on the Manhattan campus caps out at $479.40 per semester (fall/spring).

Below is the breakdown of the Student Services Fee on a per-student basis:

A Full-Time K-State Student on the Manhattan campus* 


Undergraduate (12+ credit hours)
Graduate (9+ credit hours)
Campus Entertainment Fund4.14123,675
Center for Student Involvement13.10391,566
Collegian Media Group11.51344,000
Fine Arts6.23186,220
K-State Student Union**138.454,137,725
K-State Student Union Program Council6.38190,767
Recreational Services**94.702,830,080
Sports Clubs Activity Fee1.6649,470
Student Activity11.99358,322
Student Design Services1.8053,907

Student Governing Association


Student Health Services


Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services


Wildcat Watch**


Student Legal Services




If you would like to voice your opinion about this fee or to learn more, please contact the Student Services Fee Chair, Blake Phillips (bphillips@k-state.edu). All students are welcome to attend the Student Services Fee Committee meetings, which take place every Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. in the CSI Conference Room in the K-State Student Union.

**Denotes multiple fees totaled into one line item for this entity.