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Student Governing Association


Fee Established: 1956

Fee Breakdown: 

Privilege FeeFull-time StudentTotal Budget
K-State Student Union Food Subsidy  $2.14$80,000
K-State Student Union Repair & Replacement11.23419,227
K-State Student Union Repair & Replacement Reserve    .6725,000
K-State Student Union Operations46.001,716,698
K-State Student Union Enhancements30.281,130,000
Union Renovation20.01746,500

About: The K-State Student Union was built because students thought it was time to have a central to relax, study, and have campus dances.  While you can still do all of these things in the Union, current students today come to the Union to grab a bite to eat, attend a student group meeting, or grab a coffee from Caribou Coffee. Whether it can be through a campus tour, conference, Landon Lecture, or Union Program Council event prospective students, alumni, and community members all have a home at the Union. 

Location: Kansas State Student Union

Website: union.k-state.edu/