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Student Governing Association

Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs is responsible for engaging students in the student government process by educating them on the Student Governing Association’s mission, processes and achievements. This committee is also charged with collecting feedback from student groups on the work of SGA as well as campus and community issues.

Committee Members

Kaitlin Long, Chairperson

  • Ryan Aeschliman
  • Ellen Collingwood
  • Sierra Davila
  • Heidi Hurtig
  • Zach Stroth
  • Jan Vosahlik
  • Asher Gilliand
  • Jordan Korb
  • Natalie Kutney
  • Madeline Frankel

Committee Meetings

Date: Tuesday Nights

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: OSAS Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

Standing Committees

University Allocations

College Allocations


Governmental Relations

Privilege Fee

Senate Operations

Student Affairs