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Privilege Fee Committee

The Privilege Fee Committee has a $15 million Privilege Fee Budget. The committee is responsible for the review of line-item fees and addressing issues of long-term financial planning. The committee makes recommendations on the continuance, discontinuance, or alteration of a line item fee. All recommendations may be overturned by the administration, but traditionally decisions have been upheld, giving the K-State SGA a degree of authority not possessed by most university student governments.

Committee Members

Drew Unruh, Chairperson

  • Kristopher Grinter
  • Andy Hurtig
  • Garrett Kays
  • Reagan Kays
  • Casey Keller
  • Hillary L'Ecuyer
  • Valerie Rito
  • Drew Unruh
  • Joey Wenberg
  • Audrey Gerber
  • Alec Khoury
  • Wyatt Pracht

Committee Meetings

Date: Monday Nights

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: OSAS Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

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