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Student Governing Association

University Allocations Committee Chair and SGA Treasurer

 Kevin Klein


The University Allocations Committee Chair oversees the University Allocations Standing Committee, which is responsible for making recommendations regarding the activity fee, including monies for campus wide organizations, academic competition teams, and institutional services. In addition, the committee advertises guidelines on the allocations of fees to student organizations.

College Allocations Committee Chair

 Michael Emley


The College Allocations Committee Chair oversees the College Allocations Committee, which is responsible for allocating a portion of the Student Activity Fee for the use of college council groups. The committee works in conjunction with representatives from college councils across campus to address funding issues at the college level. 

Student Engagement Committee Chair

 Kylie Andres


Student Engagement is responsible for engaging students in the student government process by educating them on the Student Governing Association’s mission, processes and achievements. This committee is also charged with collecting feedback from student groups on the work of SGA as well as campus and community issues.

Governmental Relations Committee Chair

Jonathan Peuchen


As Chair of the Governmental Relations Committee, they will promote views on matters of student concerns within state, federal, and local governments. The committee also develops recommendations for City University Fund monies for projects that mutually benefit the City of Manhattan and Kansas State University. 

Privilege Fee Committee Chair

 Garrett Kays


The Privilege Fee Committee Chair oversees the Privilege Fee Standing Committee and the $15 million Privilege Fee Budget. The committee is responsible for the review of line-item fees and addressing issues of long-term financial planning. The committee makes recommendations on the continuance, discontinuance, or alteration of a line item fee. All recommendations may be overturned by the administration, but traditionally decisions have been upheld, giving the K-State SGA a degree of authority not possessed by most university student governments. 

Senate Operations Committee Chair

 Chance Hunley


The Senate Operations Committee Chair oversees the Senate Operations Standing Committee, which is responsible for overseeing SGA elections, appointment, Student Senate legislation, and impeachment/expulsion of SGA members. 

Intern Coordinator

 Trenton Kennedy


The Student Senate Intern Coordinator oversees the Student Senate Intern Program and is responsible for advertisement of the Student Senate Intern Program. Along with the Speaker of Student Senate and the Speaker Pro Tempore of the Student Senate, the Student Senate Intern Coordinator interviews and selects between 16 and 25 students for the program each term.

Student Senate Secretary


 Andrea Hopkins


The Student Senate Secretary serves as recorder of all Student Senate meetings and prepares a final copy of all legislation, agendas, and minutes. 

Student Senate Parliamentarian

 Logan Britton


The Student Senate Parliamentarian serves as the interpreter of rules at Student Senate meetings, when requested and coordinates the development of yearly bound legislation.