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Student Governing Association

Governmental Relations Committee

The Governmental Relations Committee (GR) promotes issues central to K-State students’ success and interests at the local and state government levels. GR also supervises and maintains the SGA Lobby team. GR frequently works closely with governmental bodies such as the Manhattan City Commission on issues affecting K-State and its students.

Committee Members

Sarah Haley, Chairperson

  • Hope Faflick
  • Dylan Hunter
  • Mohamed Ismail
  • Michael Murray
  • Emily Phelon
  • Sarinya Sungkatavat
  • Prakarsh Tiwari
  • Jessica Van Ranken
  • Cailtyn Webb
  • Morganne Wiltse
  • Erin Woods



Committee Meetings

Date: Monday Nights

Time: 8:30 p.m.

Location: K-State Student Union

Meeting Minutes

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