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Student Governing Association

On-Campus Allocations


The On-Campus Allocations Committee (OCAC) receives and reviews the funding requests for on-campus events submitted by student organizations on campus. OCAC is responsible for choosing whether to fund these groups based on the merits and educational value of the events. Questions or concerns about On-Campus allocations should be directed to the Committee Chair. 

Click here to access the On-Campus Allocations request form. 

OCAC Chair: Durga Jambunathan, durgajam@ksu.edu


OCAC only grants funding to student organizations registered through the Center for Student Involvement. Student organizations requesting funding from the committee are limited to receiving funds for five projects annually. There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount for projects funded by OCAC. Requests for funding must be for events or projects that have educational value and are free and open for all KSU students to attend. 

OCAC funds can be used to fund fees for lecturers, speakers, or entertainers, promotional materials, the rental of space and equipment, or film rentals. OCAC funds are not allowed to be spent on food, social events, personal materials, giveaway items, paid wages, or recruitment events. 

OCAC and Student Activity Fee Funding Regulations

*Note- Due to the impact of COVID-19 on university functions, OCAC is granting funding to student organizations that host virtual events. 


- Requests for events must be submitted a minimum of 35 days in advance of the event date

- Requests for events held December 1 through February 15 must be submitted by the first Friday in November

- Requests for events held April 1 through September 30 must be submitted by the first Friday in February